2023 Nature Vancouver Scholarships

2023 Nature Vancouver Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarship – Matthew Syvenky

Matthew is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying towards an honours degree in Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University (SFU). Matthew feels happiest while spending time learning and working outdoors to steward British Columbia’s ecosystems and biodiversity. Since Matthew started studying at SFU, he has become the youngest board member of the Cariboo Heights Forest Preservation Society and the Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver. Matthew served as Chair of BC Nature’s Climate Committee for the past seven months, where he collaborated with BC Nature members, community stakeholders, and local and national not-for-profits to increase climate action and awareness in B.C. and beyond.

Matthew works to steward Metro Vancouver’s ecosystems, like Pacific Spirit Park (background).

Graduate Scholarship – Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca is a second year MSc student in Dr. Chris Harley’s lab at the University of British Columbia. Growing up in Victoria, BC she developed a deep love of the ocean, especially the rocky shores and its critters. She also has a passion for education, which led her to many years volunteering as an aquarium interpreter and now enjoying her time as a teaching assistant. When she’s not busy running around beaches and reading a bunch for science, she can be found running around beaches and reading a bunch for fun. She also enjoys languages, travel, hiking, dance, photography, and swimming.

Rebecca Hansen

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