2020 Nature Vancouver Photo Competition

2020 Nature Vancouver Photo Competition

Members of Nature Vancouver are invited to submit photographs for the annual photo competition. Photos may be submitted during the month of February to Ron Long by EMAIL. All entries and winners will be presented at the general meeting on March 26.

Judges will select first, second and third in each category plus the best in show. Photos may be submitted in these categories:  Birds, Botany,  Mammals, Insects and Spiders, and Other Natural History.

A total of ten photographs per photographer may be entered across any three categories.

All photographs should depict natural history subjects excluding tame animals. Photographs may have been taken at any time and anywhere in the world. Titles are desirable but not required. Only JPEG files may be entered. Send the largest file that your email program will allow.

Photographs showing “the hand of man” will be accepted but will be scored lower than pure nature photographs.

Computer manipulation should be kept to a minimum as manipulated photographs quickly become unnatural looking. Over-sharpening and over-saturation are the most usual mistakes but artificial backgrounds and compilations of two or more photographs should also be avoided. Any photograph that achieves most of its impact from computer manipulation will be rejected by the judges.

By submitting your photos to the Nature Vancouver Photo Competition it is understood that you agree to allow their reproduction on Nature Vancouver’s Facebook page, the Nature Vancouver website and in any Nature Vancouver publication.

Questions? Call or email Ron Long. 604 469-1651        

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