2019 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

2019 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

Report by Peter Candido

The 2019 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count took place on December 14th under good conditions, ranging from cloudy with showers in some areas and some clear patches in the morning to broken clouds and partly sunny in the afternoon.  Winds were light at 6-9 km/h. and visibility was very good for the coastal portions.

THE SPECIES TOTAL STANDS AT 126, surpassing last year’s 121 species. Thanks to all who made this a very successful day!

There was a record-high number of volunteers this year – 207 –  surpassing the previous high of 173 set in 2017. In 2018 there were 155.

Winter finches and grosbeaks were in short supply this year with modest numbers of Pine Siskins and no Common Redpolls, Pine Grosbeaks or Evening Grosbeaks reported.  Red Crossbills were reported from only one area.  Tides were high throughout the day: 4.8 m at 8:12 am, 3.5 m at 1:27 pm, and 4.2 m at 5:41 pm.  Thus little or no sandy shore or mudflats was exposed, accounting for low numbers of Dunlin (1 from Iona!) and the lack of Black-bellied Plover and Sanderling.

 Some highlights:

  • SNOWY OWL – 1 on rooftop in Kerrisdale area
  • Sooty Grouse -1 in Area B
  • Herring Gull – 8
  • Marbled Murrelet – 11
  • Black Turnstone – 2 in Area D
  • Mourning Dove – 6 at Richmond Nature Park
  • Great Horned Owl – 1 in Area R
  • Sandhill Crane- 4 – 2 each in Areas H and V
  • Spotted Sandpiper – 1 in Area X
  • Townsend’s Solitaire – 1 each in Areas H and K
  • Orange-crowned Warbler – 1 in Area I
  • Townsend’s Warbler – 2 – one each in Areas H and L
  • White-throated Sparrow – 2 in Area D (both at same feeders in N. Vancouver -St. David’s Ave. and 1st St.)
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