2018 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

2018 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count

Report by Peter Candido and Adrian Grant-Duff

The 2018 Vancouver Christmas Bird Count took place on December 16th.  The day began with overcast skies and a stiff E/SE wind, but the rain held off until near noon.  Because of the wind and sea conditions, the team for area Y (English Bay) was not able to get out on the boat as usual.  The post-count gathering included a hearty hot meal prepared by Jude Grass and a challenging bird quiz produced by Angela Bond.

The preliminary species total stands at 120 for the day, with several groups yet to report as of Dec. 30. The official total last year was 122 species.  

Notable or unusual sightings:  Eared Grebe (2 off Stanley Park), Snowy Owl (1 or possibly 2 at YVR), Western Sandpiper (1 at Iona Is.), California Scrub-Jay (on Musqueam lands), Barn Swallow (2 at Iona Is.) and a Mandarin Duck of dubious provenance (Burnaby).

Notably absent from this preliminary list are Killdeer, Hutton’s Vireo, winter finches, any species of warbler and Red Crossbill.

Thanks to all participants who made this a very successful day!

Western Scrub-Jay, Musqueam Area
Photo by Alan and Donna McKenzie
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