The Mystery of the Declining Southern Residents: Insights from the Air

2017/02/09 7:30 pm
Unitarian Hewett Centre, 949 49th Avenue W, Vancouver, BC
Dr. Lance Barrett-Lenard

At only 78 members, the southern resident killer whale population is in a perilous state. Not only is it assailed by contaminants and underwater noise, but the salmon it depends on are under pressure. This presentation will describe a joint Vancouver Aquarium/NOAA study that uses a drone to acquire photographs of the whales from above, and measures every member of the population to infer its body condition. Dr. Barrett-Lennard will explain the methodology, show images that have been collected, present evidence that growth rates as well as mortality are strongly linked to salmon abundance, and show how the data collected can help manage fisheries in a way that ensures adequate food for this critically endangered population. Dr.

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