Birding and Photography Journey along Alaska’s Dalton and Denali Highways

2017/11/02 7:30 pm
2490 West 37th Avenue (at Larch Street), Vancouver
Istvan Orosi

The Dalton Hwy is one of the only two North American roads leading to the Arctic ocean, after crossing the Yukon River and the Brooks mountain range. Based on its northerly location, with a gradually reduced plant community, it supports unique bird life. Some of them visit us in migration or spend the winter around the Lower Mainland in winter plumage. Along the Dalton Hwy and close to the arctic ocean many rarely seen birds can be found in breeding plumage, like Bluethroat, Eastern Yellow Wagtail, Eider ducks, together with Rock Ptarmigan, Redpolls, Snow Bunting, Lapland and Smith longspurs, phalaropes, etc. Amazing relationship can be seen between Snow Buntings’ nesting habit and human built structures.

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