Field Trip Schedule

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Saturday, May 20
Birding at Colony Farm RP

This morning’s half-day birding field trip is at Colony Farm RP. Our target species will be Colony Farm’s feature bird the Lazuli Bunting. Other species hoped for include Western Kingbird, Band-tailed Pigeon & American Bittern. Meet leader, Larry Cowan, in the parking area at the east-end of Colony Farm Rd. at 08:30. 604 307 0931


Saturday, May 27
Coquihalla Canyon & Quintette Tunnels hike (Difficulty level C6)

Look for spring birds and flowers on a hike along the old Kettle Valley Rail trail and the Hope-Nicola Valley trail to the Othello (Quintette) Tunnels at Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park near Hope. The majority of this hike is on a flat railbed, but there will be one steep climb of about 240m to a low divide where we will look for trilliums, calypso orchids, wild ginger and other spring flowers. We will make a loop trip through the tunnels and return to the trailhead. Pack lunch and water, wear hiking boots with good tread and pack rain gear. Rating C6. Carpool at Franklin and Penticton at 0700 or meet at Memorial Park in Hope at 0845 (corner of 8th Avenue and Wallace Street - directions). Contact Bill Kinkaid.


Saturday, May 27
Iona Spring Birding

 This birding walk is the 5th in a series at Iona Regional Park to identify the changing species as migrants are passing through or summer birds arrive.Typically the group tallies 35- 40 species.Meet.leader,Colin Clark,at 9:00 am ,in the parking lot ,near the washrooms, at the end of the Iona road.Wear suitable footwear as some gravel and mud on the trails.


Saturday, May 27
Geology along Kitsilano Beach

Meeting location: Will be revealed on registration. Time: 12:00 Noon. Duration: 3 to 4 hours. Terrain: Pebbly beach walk. Elevation gain: NilEvent description: The tide will be low and we will walk along the shore between Kitsilano and Jericho beaches looking at the rocks and land features of Burrard Inlet. We will see coal-bearing sandstones laid down in 50-million year old river deltas, the roots of 32 million year old volcanoes and how the unceasing action of the waves is slowly eating away the beach frontage. Looking around Burrard Inlet, we will observe rocks and land forms that were created over the last 100 million years by plate tectonics, sea-level changes and ice movement. The route will be muddy, rocky and slippery with many puddles left by the retreating tide so wear appropriate footwear. Registration: Because of a need to limit the size of the group and because the event may be rescheduled due to weather, registration is required. Contact David at 604-924-0147 or to register and receive details as to the meeting location.


Saturday, June 10
Iona Spring Birding

This the 6th and last of the 2017 series to identify as many species around the Iona ponds as possible. See the Purple Martin colony and Yellow-headed Blackbirds colony area. Meet leader Colin Clark at 9:00 am at Iona Regional Park, in the parking lot near the washrooms. Duration about 3 hours.


Friday, June 23
Geology of Caulfeild Park and the coastline of Burrard Inlet

Meeting Location: Will be revealed on registration. Meeting time: 10:00 am. Duration: Approximately 2 hours. Terrain: Rocky coastal bluffsElevation Gain: Insignificant. Event description: The world-famous geology visible in the ice-smoothed rocks along the shoreline of Caulfeild Park will be explained. These rocks clearly illustrate how 400 million-year-old meta-volcanic rocks underwent a process called granitization. Geologists consider this site of great value in illustrating some of the processes that took place during the formation of granitic rocks that now make up most of the North Shore mountains. This value has now been recognized by the recent designation of the Park as a Heritage Place. I am seeking support for an additional designation as a geoheritage site for this area. We will also observe the geology and land forms around the Outer Harbour of Burrard Inlet that are visible from Caulfeild Park.Registration: Because of a need to limit the size of the group and because the event may be rescheduled due to weather, registration is required. Contact David at 604-924-0147 or to register and receive details as to the meeting location.


Saturday, June 24
Birding at Grant Narrows

Enjoy a half-day birding at Grant Narrows along the Pitt River Dyke from Grant Narrows to Catbird Slough. The grass may be long and in morning usually wet, appropriate footwear is advised. Expected species are American Redstart, Bullock's Oriole, Eastern Kingbird, Gray Catbird, & Band-tailed Pigeon. We have been successful locating American Redstart on our previous June field trips to this location. When birding in the Polder in June expect the unexpected. Meet the leader at 08:15 in the Grant Narrows’ parking lot. We will then car pool to our starting point at Catbird Slough. Larry Cowan 604 307 0931


Sunday, June 25
Elk Mountain hike (Difficulty Rating D6)

Elk Mountain near Chilliwack is one of the best late spring-early summer wildflower shows in our region, from woodland flowers at low elevations to subalpine flowers higher up. This is a strenuous hike with 800 metres elevation gain with some rough exposed spots on the trail; boots with good ankle support and tread are essential and poles are recommended. Pack lunch and bring lots of water, and be prepared for damp weather and trail conditions with a good possibility of late snow. Rating D6. Contact Bill Kinkaid - pre-registration is required by Friday 23 June.


Saturday, July 1
Long Weekend Backpacking Trip

There will be a moderately strenuous two night exploratory backpacking hike, beginning Saturday morning and returning Monday afternoon. The destination will depend on snow conditions, but the planned goal with be the South Slope in the Snowy Protected Area east of Cathedral Provincial Park.  Each hiker is expected to be self-sufficient for food, supplies and equipment, though some sharing of equipment is likely and carpooling will be arranged. Contact Bill Kinkaid to register.


Saturday, July 8
2nd Annual "Summer Afternoon in the Garden"

All members & their families are invited to attend our 2nd Annual "Summer Afternoon at the VanDusen Garden". Meet in the Cedar Room starting at 1:00pm, enjoy some eats and visit with others. All attendees can enter the gardens and enjoy a stroll or help younger members of your family find the answers for a scavenger hunt. All members will enjoy free entry to the garden. Please bring a savoury or sweet food item to share (6-10 pieces is a good rule of thumb). Hot and cold non-alcoholic drinks will be provided. RSVP to Helen at or phone: 604-787-4883.